A production tool designed to extract buildings and trees from a single aerial or satellite imagery.
Import your imagery
Load your orthorectified aerial or satellite imagery in any of the standard formats: GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, TIFF+TFW, JPG+JGW... Use a DTM to extract building elevation as well.
Working with Satellite imagery
Digibati simulates satellite sensors acquisition angle as a helper to extract buildings from Airbus DS Pleiades and DigitalGlobe imagery efficiently.
Export your 3D buildings to your favorite production tools
Export produced data to your GIS/mapping software, urbanism solution, 3D engine/renderer, virtual globe or training simulator, thanks to the industry standard supported formats: SHP, DAE, KMZ, X, ...
Building footprint extraction
Digibati offers a wide range of optimized tools to extract building footprints. Use the unique brush tool or adjust the building geometry manually, and do not forget the automatic tools.
Automatic Copy / Paste
Automatic extraction
Brush tool
Footprint edition
Manual creation
Quality thematics
Building height evaluation
Digibati analyses the building casted shadows to evaluate their heights. From a single monoscopic optical imagery, Digibati extracts the 3rd dimension of buildings.
Add height to your data
Calibrating the system
Height edition
Quality thematics
Shadow analysis
Shadow mask
Trees extraction
Digibati unique Tree detection feature allows to fill your 2D or 3D maps with trees very quickly. Export detected trees as points in ESRI Shapefile or plain text format.
Automatic detection
Tree densification
Trees edition
Building roof shape extraction
Digibati creates LOD2 buildings. Extract and edit building roof shapes to add details to your 3D urban model..
Automatic roof extraction
Create roof shapes manually
Edit ridges lines