Your strong partner for 3D terrain and model generation

State-of-the art software, designed to create stunning 3D terrains
3D terrains & models tailored for your needs, produced by our high-skilled team
High quality models and terrains are needed for signal propagation or sensor simulation. Agenium 3D Lab provides 3D terrains and models designed for your simulation campaign.
Urban planning and infrastructure design need an accurate overview of the ground truth. Digibati is the ideal tool to 3D model existing environments. Have a look at our 3D terrain production service as well.
Realism is a key feature of any training engine. Agenium 3D Lab is producing, since more than 10 years, immersive virtual environments optimized for flight simulation and training environment.
Real estate
Virtual models are some powerful selling tools allowing customers to project themselves to their future house or flat. Agenium 3D Lab is producing a lot of urban models in order to includes real estate projects into the existing environment.
From flat imagery to 3D worlds
A production tool designed to extract buildings and trees from a single aerial or satellite imagery.
Make the world seamless
PixelBlender generates homogeneous image mosaics from heterogeneous sources, the perfect tool to harmonize your imagery radiometry.
We search and acquire the best data sources for your needs
Major 3D engines and simulators widely supported
Ultra-modern Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials for photorealistic models
Discrete Level of Details (LODs)
Geotypical and geospecific terrain creation
Model animation and configuration
Highly efficient production workflow based on proprietary tools
Standard formats (OpenFlight, P3D, CDB, FBX, glTF, Collada, ...)
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