3D model creation
From triangles to realistic models, our 3D team create 3D models that fit your simulation needs.
We create realistic models
Our 3D artists & designers take care of the realism as well as the triangle count for the best experience.
Any kind of models
Vehicles, urban furniture, buildings, weapons, objets, ... we create any model to fit your needs.
Realtime ready
Our models are created with realtime usage in mind, thus triangle count is a core concern while creating models.
Models are textured with PBR materials for state-of-the-art visuals. IR (SWIR, MWIR, LWIR) textures and heat maps can be created as well.
Model configuration
Models are configured for the targeted 3D engine to get the best user experience: animation, sound, LODs, ...
Commonly used formats
OpenFlight, CDB, glTF, FBX, Collada, .X,...
Level of Details (LODs)
Our team uses a discrete LODs approach in order to avoid disruptive change between level of details
Supported 3D engine and simulator
  • TerraTools/Virtual Battlespace (VBS) | Bohemia Interactive Simulations
  • TerraVista/vega-prime | Presagis
  • Thalès View | Thalès
  • Unreal Engine | Epic Games
  • Unity3D | Unity Technologies
  • Systems Tool Kit (STK) | AGI
  • Titan Vanguard | Calytrix
Data in action