3D terrain creation
By Mixing technologies and methodologies coming from defense and gaming industries, Agenium 3D Lab is on the cutting edge of training simulation technologies.
We produce virtual terrain tailored for you needs
Terrain digital twin is a powerful tool in many businesses, and especially, for display and training purposes. Agenium 3D Lab controls the whole production workflow from data acquisition to 3D terrain optimization for realtime visualization.
Data sourcing
Thanks to a broad range of partners, we search and acquire the best data for your needs, from DTM/DSM to aerial or satellite imagery.
Exclusive tools
We produce vector source data by using highly efficient and optimized tools, including Digibati.
Digital twin
We produce geospecific terrain as well as geotypic ones..
We acquire or produce any kind of data to populate your virtual terrains: roads, forests, water/ lake, buildings, ... Moreover, we process the source imagery to deliver homogeneous imagery cover.
DTM edition
At ground level, most of the DTM must be edited or flattened to be used with other data. We are update them to deliver consistent environment.
Level of Details (LODs)
To be compliant with realtime visualization, we provide terrains with LODs.
Supported 3D engine and simulator
  • TerraTools/Virtual Battlespace (VBS) | Bohemia Interactive Simulations
  • TerraVista/vega-prime | Presagis
  • Thalès View | Thalès
  • Unreal Engine | Epic Games
  • Unity3D | Unity Technologies
  • Systems Tool Kit (STK) | AGI
  • Titan Vanguard | Calytrix
  • Irrlicht | Irrlicht
Data in action