Make the world seamless
PixelBlender generates homogeneous image mosaics from heterogeneous sources, the perfect tool to harmonize your imagery radiometry.
Import your imagery
Load your ortho-rectified aerial or satellite imagery in any of the standard formats: GeoTIFF, Jpeg2000, Tiff+Tfw, Jpg+Jgw, ...
Export your 3d buildings to your favorite production tools
Adjust tile size and resolution and get your data processed thanks to the PixelBlender GPU accelerated engine..
Adjust the parameters and preview them instantly
PixelBlender default parameters provide, out of the box, great results. Tweak the user friendly parameter to get outstanding results and preview them instantly!
Radiometry harmonization
PixelBlender is a high performance desktop application designed to harmonize geo-referenced imagery.
Global correction
Seamless results
Use a reference